Saturday, September 25, 2010

Casting Call!

Due to scheduling differences, the part of Lennon is up for grabs.

Needed: Caucasian male who looks between 18-21 years old. Brown hair is preferred.

Send your resume and headshot to

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You can now donate any amount to Really Long Scarf Productions to help us with filming expenses!

Since we use digital filmmaking techniques, our costs for filming is very low. There are still expenses, though, that we need to deal with in order to create meaningful movies, such as camera rental (when applicable) and gas money to get to the locations. So, we're hitting you all up for money. Here's the cool thing, though: When you donate to a specific project, you get special perks. Here are the levels:

$0-$50: "Special Thanks To" in the credits. You will also receive a free DVD of the final project.
$50.01-$500: You will be listed in the credits as an "Assistant" to one of the major crew areas (Photography, Audio, Costuming... literally, what your donation will be used for). You will also receive a free DVD of the final project, plus a extras disk (when available- this is on a per-project basis).
$500.01-$1000: You will be listed as an "Assistant" to one of the lead actors (depending on the size of your donation). You will also receive the DVD of the final project, the extras disk (once again, when available) and a signed photograph of the lead actor you are listed as "Assistant" to.
$1000.01 and above: You will be listed as an "Assistant Producer" and your name will be listed alongside my name (that is, the Director). You will also receive the DVD of the final project, extras disk, and signed photographs of the lead actors and myself.

Cool, huh? Currently, we are not in need of any extra funding for Clarity, our project starring Blake Shearer and myself, Carly Smith, but we are currently working on a full-length, feature presentation, to be shot in Decatur, Fort Wayne, and Angola, Indiana. However, I cannot speak much about this, as nothing is nailed down yet, but it is all in the works, I assure you!

For now, I will sign off.
Be cool, everybody!
Carly Smith

Friday, April 30, 2010

Announcing: First Project!

Really Long Scarf Productions is proud to officially announce Clarity, a short film written and directed by Carly Smith- our first production!

Lennon (Blake Shearer), a young man who loses the last of his family, his sister Clarity (Carly Smith), lets his life go to waste until Clarity comes back in ghost form.

Filming locations and dates to be announced. Check back soon for more information!


Extras for two scenes-
One scene to be filmed in black mourning clothing.
One scene to be filmed in colorful clothing, jeans, etc. But nothing with a logo!

One camera operator.
An individual or group to create a film poster.

Email at or call/text 260-667-0685 for more information!